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NAS Playlists

NAS (New Artist Spotlight) Spotify playlists featuring talented independent artists

NAS or New Artist Spotlight is the most popular community of independent musicians on the planet, founded by Toronto-based vocalist/guitarist Ed Eagle @ed_eagle_music. It is currently home to hundreds of emerging and established indie artists from all parts of the world. The NAS community was founded with the aim of providing a reliable forum for new artists to connect with each other, reach more listeners, grow their social media engagement, and get the spotlight they deserve. Ed and his trusted team of moderators and curators are constantly putting in their efforts to ensure that real talent gets heard, and do so with a passion for growing together. Being a part of the NAS community is completely free and it welcomes emerging artists with open arms. Check out the list of NAS playlists below, and visit their website to unlock your true potential reach as an indie artist. 


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NAS Elite

NAS Elite, as the name suggests, is a playlist featuring the hottest new releases from the New Artist Spotlight community. Discover some of the best rock, pop, EDM, alternative, hip hop and more. Submissions open to NAS community members.


NAS is the definitive playlist featuring the vastest selection of new artists from the community. Work, play and party all day and let great music be your soundtrack. Submissions open to NAS community members.


NAS Pro is the newest addition to the Big 4 family of playlists. It also features a unqiue selection of songs across various styles and genres for your listening pleasure.  Submissions open to NAS community members.

NAS All-Stars

Enjoy assorted music from an all-star line up of top independent artist on the NAS All-Stars playlist. Explore raw indie talent from all parts of the world. Submissions open to NAS community members.

NAS YouTube Playlist

The New Artist Spotlight YouTube playlist is your source for some of the most entertaining indie music content including music videos, interviews, podcasts and more. Check it out and subscribe to the channel for frequent updates.

New Artist Spotlight YouTube Playlist

New Artist Spotlight YouTube Playlist

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