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Welcome to the official website of Srv-musicmaker, a Kolkata-based independent electronic music producer, artist, singer-songwriter and playlist curator.

Connect with him on IG, Twitter and Facebook and check out his music on all major platforms below. Stay tuned for updates about upcoming projects and collaborations.

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Find A Way EP - Out Now on All Major Platforms

My new EP 'Find A Way' has released across all platforms on November 5th 2022. It is a collection of one solo composition and two very different collab versions featuring two talented artists Rules Man Veestanding and Dustin Vandehey. It is something very different from my usual EDM and electronica styles and I am really excited to hear your feedback about it. Stay tuned folks and really hope you will enjoy it.


About Srv-musicmaker

Srv-musicmaker (Saurav Majumdar) is an EDM artist based in Kolkata, India. He makes music across several electronic subgenres with memorable melodies being the focal point of his tracks. His first single 'Oceano de Pasion', a house/synthwave instrumental was released in January 2021. It was followed by the sentimental dance number 'The Brighter Side' and the old-school trance banger 'Can't Control'. His 4th single 'Hypnotized' is an upbeat dance collab that dropped on Christmas Eve 2021. It was followed by 2022's Frenzy, a sinister and pulsating hard trance number.

Srvmusicmaker loves making music that expresses without inhibitions and likes creating vivid sonic experiences for listeners. Not one to go by trends and genre norms, he makes the music he is passionate about, putting a mirror of his emotions before listeners.

He composes, produces, mixes and masters his own music, and is associated with a vast network of independent artists around the world. Ultimately, he aims to reach more and more listeners across the globe and touch their hearts with his melodies. As a former guitarist and singer, Srv-musicmaker has been a fan of good music since his early teenage years.

Starting out in electronic music back in 2011, he still has several demo tracks and songs from the past decade on his Soundcloud. Focusing on his career and his time as a metal cover singer saw him shift away from electronic music for some years. He re-started producing under the Srv-musicmaker banner in December 2020, and hasn't looked back since.

Some of the milestones as a dance music artist he has achieved since then include - reaching thousands of listeners, getting playlisted by renowned curators, scaling the 200k streams mark on Spotify, entering independent music ranking charts, and even having a full-fledged published interview.

Currently, Srv-musicmaker is working on several musical ideas for EDM and experimental releases, and focusing on reaching fans everywhere. If you want electronic music straight from the soul, listen to his tracks on all major streaming platforms.

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